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Quarantined Across Borders Receives Month-Long Feature at Glasscock Humanities Festival

In May of 2020, Media Rise invited activists, students, and community mentors of all ages to share their meaningful media stories during the COVID-19 pandemic to be featured in our blog series called "Quarantined Across Borders," (QAB). The final QAB essay collection, which continues to reach thousands of readers, contains narratives from 84 people of diverse backgrounds, races, faiths, occupations, and ages.

QAB’s latest announcement is that the project will be presented during the Glasscock Humanities Festival from February 1 to March 3. This event will facilitate exposure of the project to promote deliberate and empathetic media consumption.

The festival will highlight the work of Humanities scholarship and critical thought about pressing issues of the modern-day. The festival will include major events over Zoom, culminating in this year's Book Prize presentation.

QAB is a project of essays about the experiences of immigrant, diasporic, and borderland communities during the lockdown issued due to COVID-19. The QAB writers represent over 30 countries.

Specifically, the work of QAB will be highlighted during the Festival's Virtual Exhibit over the COVID-19 Micro-grant Showcase. The participants of the showcase will present their work over various experiences since the pandemic began. All of these highlighted projects, including QAB, are financially supported by the Glasscock Center community.

In addition to these headlining events, there will be affiliated activities organized by the Center's Working Groups and other members of the Glasscock Center community.

All selected essays first appeared on Dr. Srivi's Media Rise blog and its social media pages in May of 2020. Media Rise is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting meaningful media. Thereafter, the International Journal of Communication (IJOC), a leading interdisciplinary online multi-media journal centered in communication scholarship, published selected essays from the "Quarantined Across Borders" collection as a Forum special section. Finally, QAB will reach an even larger audience through the Glasscock Humanities Festival.

To check out QAB's feature at the festival, visit or click this hyperlink. For more information on the itinerary of the festival, please see the full calendar below.

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