We have convened 3,000+ participants and 200+ speakers through 60+ events in four countries (U.S., U.K., India & Singapore).  Our programs include media festivals, film screenings, networking lounges, competitions, panel discussions, and other community-driven workshops and events to build meaningful connections for future collaborations and projects. Our youth media festivals bring educators, parents, and youth to learn and share about digital storytelling and critical media literacy. We have hosted the "Early Rise" speaker series around the world, inspiring people in places such as London, Washington D.C., Chicago, Austin, Chennai, and Singapore to unleash the power of media to accelerate social change.


This week-long media festival includes:

The Forum for cross-sector panel discussions on best practices

Pitch Night to support innovative media projects for social good

48-hour video challenge connecting causes with filmmakers

Film screenings and discussions

Networking lounges

Interactive community-led workshops​


Day-long festivals including interactive hands-on workshops for

educators and youth on critical media literacy and digital storytelling


Half-day events with 2-3 keynote speakers

to encourage focused conversations and collaborations 

among scholars, activists, artists, and community members


We have engaged with over 3,000+ participants, who come from various sectors such as education, government, nonprofits, and industry. We also have a large online community to keep in touch. 


We have worked with more than 200 speakers from various organizations. Here are a few of them.


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