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Early Rise Series: A Worldwide Series of Morning Mixers

Feb 1, 2014

Srivi Ramasubramanian

Media Rise is excited to launch “Early Rise 2014,” a worldwide series of morning mixers for people committed to inspiring media for social good. Become a part of this growing global community of creative professionals, educators, activists, and citizens committed to media, art, design, and storytelling for social change. Rise and shine!

Our first event will be held on Feb 27th 2014 at Washington, D.C. Join us for an inspiring talk, meditation and networking over healthy breakfast & coffee.

Mix & mingle with storytellers, designers, activists, business leaders & educators who share your passion & energy for meaningful media.

Get inspired by changemakers who use media effectively to accelerate social transformation at the individual & community level.

--> Suggested donation: $10 (includes breakfast & coffee)


Seema Reza ( is a poet and essayist based outside of Washington, DC, where she coordinates and facilitates a unique multi-hospital arts program that encourages the use of the arts as a tool for narration, self-care and socialization among a population struggling with emotional and physical injuries. She serves on the council for the Transformative Language Arts Network, and also offers select on-line and group writing workshops.


Hamiltonian Gallery is a dynamic space in the heart of the growing Washington, DC contemporary arts district. The gallery focuses on innovative works by emerging artists participating in the Hamiltonian Artists fellowship program as well as mid-career artists.


Yogurt, granola and fresh fruit generously provided by KIND.

Plus, hot coffee by Cafe Los Suenos, specialty coffee roasters in Washington, D.C., committed to creating shared value for coffee-growing communities.

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