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Festival Recap: Third Annual Media Rise Festival

It's been one month since our 3rd annual festival in Washington, D.C.! We are humbled by the feedback we've received so far. We continue to gather insights from our community to inform our strategy for 2016. Please let us know how we can serve you!


Here are some memorable comments from our festival attendees. Thank you for being part of our week!


"I loved the discussion during Problematic Perceptions, it was so thought-provoking. I felt fortunate to be in a room with so many critical and passionate people." Alexandra Tamiko Da Dalt, student, Teachers College, Columbia University


"Finding early adopters is a very important part of innovating, and through Media Rise, I've been able to access a great community of potential users and supporters." Ben Connors, Founder, The Last Graph (Grand Prize winner) "Participating in Media Rise Pitch Night was a fun and formative experience. The crowd had so much energy." Kate Glantz, Founder & CEO, (Runner Up) "Aside from the cash prize, the enhanced network that I've now received is proving to be fruitful already. I'm excited to pursue these new connections!" Sage Salvo, Founder & President, Words Liive (People's Choice)


"We need this kind of synchronicity if the old guard is going to let up. Diversity inclusion is uncomfortable for many and I think each of us is making it accessible, so relevant, meaningful and frankly, sexy to viewers, listeners, interested advocates." Laura Donnelly, Founder & COO, Latinitas

"Sometimes I forget how powerful media is in being a force for good but being surrounded by social entrepreneurs, change makers, and creatives this weekend was a much-needed reminder." Tiffany Yu, Founder of Diversability

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