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Chasing Ice Results in the Formation of the Aggie Sustainability Education & Outreach Network

May 6, 2015

Srivi Ramasubramanian

We are grateful for the community support for the screening of Chasing Ice and the subsequent panel discussion at Rudder Theater on Texas A&M campus. The panel consisted of experts on atmospheric sciences, environmental ethics, sustainable built environments, and socially conscious filmmaking. The event was attended by 500+ participants, including school teachers, industry professionals, citizens, scientists, and college students.

Energized and inspired by this event:

  • the Aggie Sustainability Education & Outreach Network, an informal network was formed of faculty and staff committed to education and outreach about sustainability and climate change on campus, in the community, and the state of Texas.

  • Texas A&M is considering developing a day-long workshop in the fall for science teachers in the state of Texas on climate change.

  • Students enrolled in the interdisciplinary climate studies program on campus are working on Chasing Ice as their final project to gather audience reactions to the movie.

  • Allen Academy, a local high school in the Bryan-College Station area that Jeff Orlowski visited, is putting together a social media campaign on climate change modeled after the Chasing Ice Ohio tour.

  • One of the breakout sessions in the upcoming TAMU conference for high school children called Zooming Out will be devoted to environmental issues.

  • A collaborative grant proposal is in the works to submit Chasing Ice as an educational resource for the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching to be held in Fort Worth.

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